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Download ACP Expert (Scheduler) Version 9.1

Please don't reveal this page location to anyone. It's important to us that evaluators fill in the info form so I can stay in touch with them. Thanks!

General Information

Thanks for taking an interest in ACP Expert's Scheduler engine. The Scheduler download is a full function kit, with a 60 day evaluation limit. Purchasing a license will remove the time limit.

This page is where you download the Scheduler engine for ACP Expert. You must have the matching version of ACP Observatory Control already installed and preferably already configured and tested for your observatory. Here's the link to the Expert installer. Please note: If you use the old Internet Explorer browser to download, it will add ".exe" to the file name. Remove that so the file name ends in .msi as originally supplied by us.

Getting Support

All of our support (both pre-sales support and value-added customer support) is conducted at the DC-3 Dreams Communication Center. If you have purchased a license, you will automatically be registered as a customer at the Communication Center and given access to the value-added Customer Support sections. If you want pre-sales help, drop us a line and request a guest account, then log in to post to the Pre-Sales Help section.

Above all, HAVE FUN and join the ranks of those who have access to professional class control and automation for their observatories.